Saudi Arabia Cooperates with Alibaba Group to Increase Dates Exports

The National Center for Palms and Dates (NCPD) has organized a visit to Alibaba Group’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China to promote the Saudi dates industry in global markets, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

With the participation of 23 Saudi companies, the visit showcased Saudi premium dates and their products to Chinese food industry companies.

The CEO of NCPD Mohammed Al Nuwairan said that this prestigious visit to Alibaba enhances the Saudi dates industry and facilitates its access to global markets.

Al Nuwairan underscored that this initiative is based on the successful partnership between date companies and the Alibaba Group that was signed during the World of Dates Expo in Riyadh in December.

The six-day visit included various training workshops for Saudi companies over how to efficiently use Alibaba platform to display their products and market them in global markets.

The occasion also highlighted several meetings between Saudi and Chinese companies aimed at facilitating logistical, legal, marketing, and packaging operations.

Furthermore, the visit involved numerous discussions with the most prominent international companies in the food sector to leverage from their fruitful experiences in using the Alibaba platform to market their products.

In 2023, Saudi Arabia witnessed a 14% increase in exports of dates and their products, rising to SR1.462 billion from SR1.28 billion in 2022.

Between 2016 and 2023, Saudi date exports experienced an impressive 152.5% growth, with the number of countries importing Saudi dates rising to 119.

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