Hajj Season: Saudi Arabia Uses Self-Driving Vehicles for Delivering Orders

During this year’s Hajj season, Saudi Arabia is using modern and innovative technologies in the transportation and logistics system. These technologies include self-driving vehicles to deliver orders within the Holy Sites, as well as self-driving refrigerated vehicles for last-mile delivery in Mecca and the Holy Sites.

The Kingdom also harnessed all the operational capabilities of the Jeddah Islamic Port in preparation for providing comprehensive logistical services. The services include handling containers from the ship, inspecting Eid al-Adha livestock sacrifice and ensuring their safety before transporting them to the holy sites.

The port is a major logistical center and has marine tugs of different sizes and strengths to handle large and medium ships. It has 64 berths and an area extending to 12.5 km, serving 75% of the Kingdom’s exports and imports.

The Head of Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, confirmed that the Presidency launched its proactive plan for the Hajj season, supported by a package of specific initiatives to serve the pilgrims.

His Excellency praised the efforts of the Saudi leadership in taking care of the two Holy mosques and serving the pilgrims.

To ensure a smooth and seamless experience for pilgrims, the Kingdom’s transportation and logistics sector has finished preparations for the Hajj season and is ready to receive pilgrims by land, air, sea, and rail.

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