Saudi Arabia Celebrates World Bee Day

The Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development Program, “Reef Saudi,” announced significant achievements on World Bee Day. They provided a total support of 140 million riyals to the honey sector since 2020, benefiting around 10,584 recipients across all regions of the Kingdom. Asir, Hail, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and Al-Baha are among the primary beneficiaries.

The program explained that the amount of honey production in the Kingdom reached (3,120) tons per year last year, achieving a 41% increase over the year 2021 AD, stressing that it aims to increase production to (7,500) tons annually by 2026 AD. Furthermore, this reflects the ongoing efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in honey production.

في يوم النحل العالمي.. 48 ألف خلية نحل في فلسطين

The program supported vital honey sector projects, including setting up queen bee rearing and parcel production stations in Hail, Najran, Jazan, Medina, Tabuk, and Taif. It provided three mobile laboratories to diagnose bee diseases and pests, along with four mobile clinics. Additionally, modern beekeeping tools were supplied to spread techniques among beekeepers.

Reef Saudi Arabia stressed its commitment to continue supporting beekeepers and projects related to the honey sector to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development in the Kingdom.

The “Reef Saudi” program aims to achieve environmental sustainability and diversify agricultural production in the Kingdom. It also aims to develop rural communities, enhance food security, create jobs, improve small farmers’ income and living standards, and boost their agricultural capabilities, all aligned with the objectives of Vision 2030.

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