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Saudi Arabia begins scholarships for students to learn music

The Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Farhan, announced on Monday, that the Kingdom decided to start sending students abroad to learn theater arts, music and movies.

The Minister announced the launch of the first program for cultural scholarship in the history of the Kingdom, which provides qualitative educational opportunities for Saudi male and female students by studying cultural and artistic majors in the most prominent international universities, in areas including archeology, design, museums, music, theater, filmmaking, literature, visual arts and culinary arts.

According to the Saudi newspaper of Okaz, registration for the program will start on January 19, 2020, according to three main tracks.

The first includes Saudi male and female students currently studying at their own account abroad in cultural and technical specializations, indicating that students will be included in the cultural scholarship program according to the program’s regulations and mechanisms, while the second track includes those who previously applied for scholarships to study culture and the arts and have acceptance from accredited universities, and they will be dispatched in 2020 once they complete the program’s requirements and conditions.

As for the third track, it includes students who want to submit new applications to join the Cultural scholarship program to start studying in 2021.

The Minister of Culture said that the program is the first stage of an integrated educational project that starts from general education and does not stop at university education.

According to bin Farhan, the project aims to develop Saudi culture according to a comprehensive perspective that places education as a basis for the manufacture and development of specialized national cadres.

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