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Saudi Arabia begins easing precautionary measures, today

Saudi Arabia is lifting health precautions today, Sunday, as a result of progress in immunizing society and a decrease in the number of Coronavirus cases.

Not committing to wearing masks in open places is included in Mitigation measures except for the excluded places, while continuing to wear them in closed places.

The precautionary measures for those receiving two doses of the (Covid-19) vaccine are eased as follows:

1- Allowing the full capacity of the Grand Mosque to be used, while obligating workers and visitors to wear a mask at all times

2- Allowing Prophet’s Mosque to be used to its full capacity while requiring workers and tourists to wear masks at all times in the mosque’s hallways.

3- Canceling social distancing and allowing the use of the full capacity in gatherings, public places, means of transportation, and the like.

4- Allowing attendance of events in wedding halls and others without restricting the number with the emphasis on applying precautionary measures.

Immunization in two doses is required to enter all the sites and activities referred to above. With everyone’s commitment to all precautionary measures.

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