Aramco to establish fuel stations around Saudi’s cities

Saudi Aramco will establish retail gas stations in the cities of the Kingdom to raise the level of service provided to customers.
Shortly, the driver will drive his car to Saudi Aramco gas stations in the Kingdom, where a whole new experience awaits him.

The fuel pumps are modern and self-service if the driver chooses to do so, with the option to pay using a credit card or debit card (mada).

Convenient stores will also be available, and restaurants will offer a wide variety of food options.

With such changes taking place in the Kingdom these days in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the construction of Saudi Aramco likely branded fuel stations will be faster than expected and have a significant impact on the level of expectations of fuel purchases from customers who are residents and visitors to the Kingdom.

Completely transforming the concept of gas stations
Saudi Aramco has been in the global fuel retail business for decades through its global partnerships with major international oil companies. This global experience has put the company in a position that qualifies it to enter with great confidence into the Saudi market and to provide best practices from all over the world.

When Retailco delivers a quality customer experience, high-quality fuels, and world-class customer service; it will raise the ceiling of standards, and provide high-end services to clients from all segments of society.

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Retelco, Mr. Muhammad Al-Qahtani, stated that one of the main and important factors for the success of Retelco will be its focus on customers, not only achieving customers’ expectations but also raising the level of expectations they aspire to in gas stations in the Kingdom.

The value that the company provides to customers

The fuel retail services strategy is fully aligned with Vision 2030 and its goals to improve the quality of life for the residents of the Kingdom. The entry of Saudi Aramco into the retail fuel sector will have a positive impact in creating rewarding job opportunities for citizens, and providing opportunities to open small stores, fuel pumps, restaurants, and other stores located in the gas station. With the addition of the domestic fuel retail sector to its portfolio, the hydrocarbons supply chain will expand.

Al-Qahtani says: “Training is an essential part of the business plan and is the important factor for success. We are in the process of communicating with the training centers, and we will ensure that our employees have the necessary professional and communication skills, including a focus on customer satisfaction. If they are well trained, they will understand the business, and they will work towards achieving RETELCO goals.”

Vehicle and aircraft fuel

The main business activity in Retelco is to provide fuel stations with the most services on major highway junctions, where it will provide a full range of services, including food services, shopping in convenience stores, and other amenities. As for gas stations located within cities, they will pay the same great attention to hygiene and attention to other details, while they will have fewer services.

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