Saudi Arabia announces the suspension of Corona infection Daily Statement

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health announced that daily data on instances of the developing “Corona” virus would no longer be released.

According to a tweet from the ministry’s account on Twitter, the decision was made due to Saudis’ immunity against the Coronavirus has strengthened, and its area has expanded

The Saudi Ministry of Health stated in a statement that the vaccine against the “Corona” virus has been delivered 61 million, 565 thousand, and 346 doses throughout the Kingdom.

The government stated that the number of “Corona” cases and doses supplied can be tracked on the ministry’s website.

The Saudi Ministry of Health’s decision comes two days after the Kingdom lifted all precautionary and preventive measures aimed at containing the “Corona” outbreak on Saturday evening.

According to the same source, the decision was made in light of the pandemic’s epidemiological state, the fall in infection rates, and high rates of virus immunization and immunity.

As a result, it was agreed to discontinue using social distancing measures at the Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, mosques, and mosques, while still being required to wear a muzzle.

It was also resolved to end the use of social distancing measures in all public and private spaces, as well as at numerous activities and events.

While the decision required the muzzle to be worn in closed spaces, it removed the requirement to wear it in open spaces.

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