Saudi Arabia announces that more than 21 million people received the vaccine

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, announced the commencement of giving the booster dose to the most at-risk groups.

Based on the information provided by competent health authorities and the progress made in immunizing society as well as a decrease in the number of instances of coronavirus infection, Saudi Arabia began to relax health measures.

Mitigation measures include not committing to wearing the muzzle in open places, except for the excluded places, while continuing to commit to wearing it in closed places.

At a press conference today, Sunday, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health said that more than 21 million people have gotten two doses of the Corona vaccination.

He pointed out that the total doses of the Corona vaccine given exceeded 44 million doses.

Concerning the Moderna vaccine, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said, “Studies have proven that the Moderna vaccine is the best vaccine to confront mutants.”

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