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King Salman Center provides relief to 500 displaced families in Ma’rib

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center delivered relief aid to 500 Yemeni families who had been displaced to the Ma’rib Governorate as a result of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia’s recent escalation.

The Director of the Higher Relief Committee in Marib Governorate, Amin Aziz, praised the rapid response of the King Salman Center to the humanitarian appeal launched by the local authority.

He pointed out that this aid, amounting to one thousand food baskets, will temporarily alleviate the suffering of the beneficiary families.

While the displaced people’s demands for shelter, food, water, health, education, and other basic and required necessities continue to be great,

Mohsen Al-Hadrami, Office Director of Good Coalition in Marib, explained that this emergency food aid is the first phase of the center’s food security project,

He confirmed that it will be followed in the coming days by assistance in the field of shelter for some families who have been displaced and have no shelter.

Since the beginning of September, the Executive Unit for the Management of IDP Camps has documented the relocation of nearly 3,000 families from Marib Governorate’s southern districts.

it added that “the gap in needs in the shelter sector was 96 percent, while the gap in water and environmental sanitation was 92 percent, and in the field of food security and non-food items, 75 percent.”

It accused the UN and international relief organizations of not responding to the distress calls and of not carrying out their humanitarian duty towards the besieged residents of the Abdiya district and the newly displaced from the southern districts of Ma’rib.

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