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Saudi Arabia allows personal registration of E-Umrah visa

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced recently the design of the Umrah program as well as the application for issuing Umrah visas via recognized electronic platforms for Umrah services for those traveling from outside the Kingdom.

In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the ministry detailed the steps for registering for a visa, which requires the pilgrim to travel from outside the Kingdom.

The registration consists of three basic steps: entering one of the approved electronic platforms for individual Umrah services, designing the Umrah program, which includes housing and transportation services, and completing the visa requirements, which will be issued electronically and printed directly by the pilgrim.

The Umrah according to Islamic law is to visit the Sacred House of God to do worship God Almighty.

It is based on Ihram, by circumambulating the Kaaba, running between Safa and Marwa (mountains), and fulfilling the required conditions after performing Umrah, such as shaving or shortening the hair.

The evidence for that is the Almighty’s saying: (And complete the Hajj and Umrah for God).

There was another opinion that it is a Sunnah so that any able Muslim can perform it once in his life or more, according to his physical and financial capabilities. The ninth year of migration is the year in which Umrah was imposed.

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