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Saudi Arabia provides “Zakati” e-portal for the fifth year to pay Zakat

The Saudi Zakat Authority has made the “Zakati” application service available for the fifth year in a row; Which provides individuals with the ability to pay zakat through the service’s website.

The authority explained, in a statement, that the service allows individuals to pay zakat through safe and reliable payment methods in banks, through payment services, and “Apple Pay”.

it confirmed that this method guarantees the speed and flexibility of service implementation, noting that the service has been provided for the fifth year in a row after it achieved success during the past years.

The “Zakat” indicated that the service comes to urge individuals to extract zakat through highly efficient and flexible channels; To reach those entitled to social security at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The authority pointed out that the total amounts benefited by the beneficiaries of social security through the (Zakati) service during the last month of Ramadan amounted to more than 87 million riyals.

The (Zakati) service provides the ability to choose the eligible category of social security beneficiaries, in addition to the possibility of calculating the zakat that must be paid out of all kinds, whether they are money, gold, silver, shares, and others.

This service also enables donors to pay Zakat reliably, easily, and quickly, with the issuance of an invoice for the process, in addition to the feature of reminding Zakat of dates.

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