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Saudi Arabia allows only men to visit Prophet Mohammed’s tomb

Women will not be able to reserve a permit to visit the Prophet Muhammad’s tomb using the “Umrahna” application, according to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Men can only visit Holy Raudah in Prophet’s Mosque, according to the ministry, while women can reserve a permit to enter Holy Raudah in Prophet’s Mosque.

It was stressed that the time between each statement should not be less than 30 days when visiting the Prophet, peace, and blessings are upon him and praying in Holy Raudah.

“Hajj and Umrah” app disclosed that there are no dates for the imposed prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque, and the “Umrahna” app is constantly monitored for reservations as available for the prayer times in Holy Raudah and the visit of the Prophet Muhammad.

It emphasized that the permit must be issued based on the application, and the beneficiary’s data must be updated in the “Absher” system, with the “protected” status appearing in “Tawakulna.”

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