Kingdom Saudi Arabia has achieved a miracle with the vision of 2030: Louie Noir

Louie Noir was set up in 1984 and it has been based in Malta, Europe. He has worked in various countries and created shows in Europe and Africa.

Louie Noir organizes and takes part in fashion shows, competitions, TV programs, annual calendars, and promotions. Louie Noir provides courses in basic and advanced modeling for the younger generation and also provides courses in Acting, Dancing, musicals, and Drama School.

Louie Noir is not just an organizer and choreographer but also a fashion designer and tailor. He also makes Carnival costumes, Dresses, Theater costumes, Opera costumes, and Film costumes.

Louie Noir was invited to worldwide cultural events. In Europe, they call him the joy maker and entertainment

Louie Noir as a choreographer has experience in Italy, Egypt, and Tunisia. Competitors from different countries participated in these contests which were transmitted on several TV stations around the world. 

To this day, Louie Noir works in the modeling industry as a Director and Choreographer. Using his over 36 years of experience, he coaches models how to look their best and also helps organizers to set up their ideas and events.

In an exclusive press interview dedicated to LEADERS MENA, Louie affirmed Saudi Arabia has achieved a miracle with the vision of 2030. He added: Kingdom will be transferred to the ranks of the major countries especially as it has a geostrategic position.

Noir praised initiatives to boost the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia.

How do you see the great change in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that accompanied its vision2030? 

It is ambitious, which expresses their long-term goals and expectations and reflects that country’s strengths and capabilities.

Vision 2030 has brought about a great “shift” for the Kingdom in front of the world as a global investment powerhouse.

In my opinion, Saudi Arabia has achieved a miracle with the vision of 2030, by which the Kingdom will be transferred to the ranks of the major countries especially as it has a geostrategic position.

The Kingdom was keen to provide its people with all that is entertaining and creative by inaugurating the Entertainment Authority under the leadership of Turki Al Shikh, How do you see that?

When you asked me to give an interview to a Saudi magazine right away, I read a lot about the Kingdom and entertainment in the Kingdom

Turki Al-Shikh, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), launched more new initiatives called “Ideas for Entertainment”.

The initiative is part of the GEA’s ongoing efforts to boost the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia.

In my opinion, they are initiatives to unleash talents and creativity as a cultural stock for the Kingdom, In addition to its cultural, intellectual, folkloric, and religious heritage, of course.

If you received an invitation to visit the Kingdom and present an art show from those you present in the world, would you be enthusiastic about that invitation?! 

Yes. I would always be 100|% interested to bring up a show in another country. I will always do my research before adopting and understand the culture of the community so as not to offend the locals. This will be a good opportunity for international people to come together and show their artistic skills.

How do you see the entertainment industry in the world now?

The entertainment industry has advanced so much to a higher level. The technology has helped in this aspect since it allowed the shows to become more artistic and advanced to create a wonderful artistic experience.

Has this industry been gain its activities after the covid 19?!

We are still struggling because of covid. Most theatres and shows are still closed down and this led to companies failing to keep their artists still employed. Restrictions are still imposing from shows taking place all over the world.

I know you’re loving to the sea Do you make special events by or in the sea?

We have previously held competitions that took place in the sea and pools and we can create floating catwalks in the sea. This can also be accompanied by shows of synchronized swimming in a pool or aerial and silk shows in the sea suspended by sea cranes or from land. The shows can also be performed in Theatres on cruise ships and other luxury boats if the opportunity is given.

As we know you made special events in Egypt before. Can you tell us about your previous experience in Egypt where the sea was part of these shows? 

We started performing shows in Egypt in 1998 in collaboration the shows were held on the port side for multiple years and in promotion with Egyptian Brands from Cairo and port side. They provided clothes, shoes, and accessories including sunglasses, bags, and costume jewelers.

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