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Japanese Foreign Minister: Saudi Arabia is a strategic partner for Japan

Toshimitsu Motegi, Japanese foreign minister, said Saudi Arabia “is not only the cornerstone of Middle East stability, but it is also an important partner for us in terms of energy security in Japan,” adding that Tokyo will continue to “make further progress.” in the two countries’ strategic partnership.

Motegi reaffirms Japan’s commitment to peace and development in the Middle East, as well as the necessity of an international system based on the rule of law and counter-measures against the novel coronavirus, which it has had close ties with for several years.

“We intend to explore regional stability cooperation,” Motegi added. His visit intends to discuss a variety of subjects with the goal of “creating a unique and distinctive diplomacy in Japan, based on the long and well-established relationship,” he stated.

He said Japan is working with Iran, which is part of his tour, to push Tehran to “lower tensions and work on stabilising the situation” in the Middle East, citing six direct and phone conversations he had with former Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

For Japanese energy security, the Middle East is a critical region, and Japan has built positive connections with the region.

The Gulf Cooperation Council nations and Japan have a strong relationship. Saudi Arabia, in particular, which plays a key role in the G20, is not only a cornerstone of Middle East peace, but also a key partner for Japanese energy security. Motegi added.

Within the context of collaboration “Japanese-Saudi Vision 2030” with the public and commercial sectors, Japan supports reducing reliance on oil, industrial diversification, and economic and social changes pushed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “We will continue to work to advance the strategic cooperation between the two nations in a variety of areas.” Motegi said.

Taking use of its unique and unusual position, Japan aims to work closely with relevant nations, including Saudi Arabia, to actively contribute to reducing tensions and stabilising the situation in the Middle East, Motegi added.

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