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Riyadh hosts the International Opera Festival

The Saudi Ministry of Culture is hosting a “Worldwide Opera Festival” at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in the “Riyadh Boulevard City” region from June 18 to 20, including international operas for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The event will feature a mix of foreign, Arab, and Saudi performers. 

The festival will feature a special exhibition with classical art and related collectibles such as costumes, as well as a history of opera with its musical instruments, as well as interactive screens that will allow visitors to learn about performers, and actors, as well as performances from around the world. 

The exhibition allows visitors to listen to antique and rare opera music in specific rooms and locations, as well as showcase the most famous opera houses. 

The festival provides a variety of educational workshops, the most significant of which are singing “a theoretical and practical explanation of the mechanics of generating sounds in this art,” introducing the orchestra and the history of musical instruments, and a piano-playing workshop. 

The festival is being organized with the help of the Quality of Life Program, which is one of the programs aimed at achieving the “Saudi Vision 2030,” and in the context of the Ministry’s desire to open new cultural windows by hosting international cultural events in their various artistic fields, in order to enrich the Kingdom’s cultural scene and provide quality options for the Saudi public. 

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