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Dabaiba’s statements ignite turmoil among militias in Libya

Efforts to calm down between militias and armed groups in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, have reached a dead-end, following statements made by the outgoing Prime Minister, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, in which he attacked the former director of the Military Intelligence Department in the Western Region, Osama al-Juwaili.

Dabaiba said, in a statement to the French magazine “John Afrique”, that Al-Juwaili mobilized his forces to “intimidate” the residents of Tripoli.

These statements caused tension on the ground, as forces under the command of Al-Juwaili gathered in the Al-Tawisha area, south of the capital, while the April 7 camp in the Janzour area, in which these forces are also stationed, witnessed a state of alert for the elements inside it, according to Sky News Arabia.

The sources indicated that the truce efforts began with a meeting between Al-Juwaili and “Ghaniwa”, and some leaders of the armed groups active in Tripoli, to prevent the outbreak of confrontations between the militias in the congested lines of contact between them, but Dabaiba’s attack on Al-Juwaili hindered the completion of this understanding.

Dabaiba decided to dismiss al-Juwaili from his position, when a force affiliated with him tried, on May 15, to secure the entry of Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha from Tunisia, through the Ras Ajdir port between the two countries, but armed groups active in the city of Nalut in the west of the country prevented them from crossing the border.

According to the Libyan military expert, Muhammad al-Sadiq, the plan currently aims to ignite a new war between the militias in Libya, where the mobilization of armed groups continues during the last period, and they are supported by weapons and ammunition from many parties.

“It becomes usual to see manifestations of chaos, clashes, exchanges of fire, destruction of public and private property, and kidnappings and murders In Tripoli” Al-Sadiq added.

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