Public Prosecution warns against dropping or insulting Saudi flag

The Saudi Public Prosecution stated that the penalty for dropping or degrading the kingdom’s flag, in any way, is up to one year in prison.

It (The Saudi Public Prosecution) confirmed in a tweet on Twitter that the penalty for insulting or dropping the Saudi flag also includes a fine of SAR 3,000.

The published communiqué stated that the penalty applies to anyone who drops, insults, or executes the national flag, the royal flag.

Last month, the incident of throwing the kingdom’s flag into a dumpster in Jeddah sparked widespread controversy among Saudis, as the authorities stated at the time that 4 people of Bangladeshi nationality were involved in the incident.

The flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a symbol of the ruler and the state.

The Saudi flag was known to be rectangular, its width equal to two-thirds of its length, and its color green, extending from the mast to the end of flag, in the middle of it were the two testimonies (“There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.”).

The two testimonies and the sword are painted white, and the sword indicates strictness in the application of justice, while the certificate indicates the rule of Islamic law for the state.

This was inherited from the banner carried by the rulers of the Al Saud family when they spread the call and expanded their areas of influence during the first Saudi state.

Where the banner at that time was green and made of silk (weaving) and eprosem (the finest silk) on which there is no deity but God, and the Saudi flag today is the same banner that was carried by the soldiers of the first and second Saudi states since their inception.

The Saudi flag is the only flag that is not lowered to half-mast in cases of mourning or disasters and major events that reflect the position of the state and international ceremonies.

It is also prohibited to touch the ground and unclean water and to enter with it to impure places or to sit on it, as the flag carries a religious significance that cherishes the religion in Islam by adding the word of Islamic monotheism, in addition to the Arab sword that symbolizes patriotism.

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