Prince Faisal bin Nawaf Award Elevates Olive Products Quality 

Jouf's Distinct Olive Production Quality

The Prince Faisal bin Nawaf Award in the Jouf region incentivizes the best olive and olive oil production.

The olive processing industries enhance the quality and competitiveness of Jouf region’s products. Participation in the award requires a booth at the Jouf International Olive Festival and prizes total half a million Saudi riyals.

Jouf’s Distinct Olive Production Quality

Following the opening of the 17th edition of the ongoing festival, His Highness the Amir of Jouf emphasized the region’s high-quality olive oil production and diverse olive varieties. Moreover, he highlighted ongoing studies and research aiming to develop the olive product.

Award Categories and Incentives

Winners of the Golden Branch Award for best olives receive significant cash prizes. The award includes separate categories for pressed olives and olive oil processing industries. Additionally, the awards stimulate competitiveness among farmers and producers, ensuring product quality for consumers.

Impact on Farmers and Businesses

According to Marzouq Al Khunjir a farmer from the Quriyat governorates, winning the award has become a goal for many farmers due to its positive reputation and the business opportunities during the festival. He also emphasized how the award fosters competitiveness, raising product quality.

Quality Assurance Process

The examination and quality committee of the Jouf International Olive Festival begins receiving participant applications before the festival’s commencement.

Moreover, only products with approved labels from the Food Safety Laboratory of the Jouf Region Municipality, the festival’s organizing body, are allowed for display and sale during the event.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

Participating products undergo seven types of intensive tests using the latest technologies. They include oil analysis, free acidity, peroxide, heavy metals, moisture content, fraud detection with spectroscopy, and fatty acid composition evaluation, alongside sensory evaluation.

Culmination at the Festival’s Closing Ceremony

The final ceremony of the international olive festival will witness winners’ acknowledgment on stage. The award has evolved over recent years with the inclusion of olive processing industries and various developmental aspects.

Consequently, this underscores the significant role of olive trees in the economic, commercial, and cultural life of the Jouf region.


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