PIF Acquires 40% Stake in Zamil Marine Services

Strategic Investment in Marine Support

Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) has recently made a significant announcement, revealing the completion of its investment in Zamil Marine Services. This move involves the acquisition of a substantial 40% stake in the esteemed company.

Strategic Investment in Marine Support

The statement released by PIF underlines the pivotal role that Zamil Marine plays in the domain of marine support and construction activities within Saudi Arabia. Although the exact value of the acquisition remains undisclosed, it underscores the strategic significance of this investment.

Enhancing Capital Base for Expansion

PIF’s investment in Zamil Marine is strategically aimed at fortifying the company’s capital base. This infusion of funds also will empower Zamil Marine to embark on an expansion trajectory, scaling up its services and fleet to meet the burgeoning demand for marine support services. Moreover, this expansion includes preparing for prospective offshore wind energy operations, reflecting a forward-thinking approach.

 Contribution to Energy Sector Growth

The investment made by the Saudi sovereign fund will be an integral part of a broader strategy aimed at fostering the development of the local energy sector. Furthermore, this strategic alignment underscores the multifaceted impact and foresight behind PIF’s investment decisions.

Zamil Marine: Maritime Powerhouse

With a rich history dating back to 1977, Zamil Marine stands as a stalwart in the Saudi maritime support sector. The company’s extensive fleet, which surpasses 90 vessels in the Arabian Gulf, underscores its prominence and indispensability in the region’s maritime landscape.

Diverse Ventures and Collaborations

In addition to its core operations, Zamil Marine boasts ownership of two joint ventures specializing in diving services and marine platform maintenance and modification. Moreover, this diversification underscores the company’s adaptability and commitment to offering comprehensive solutions across various maritime domains.

Acknowledging Strategic Importance

Bakr Al-Muhanna, the Director of Middle East and North Africa Investments at PIF, emphasized the strategic importance of investing in the maritime support sector. This investment is poised to fortify this critical sector, aligning with broader economic objectives and national interests.

Embracing a Vision for Growth

Tawfiq Al-Zamil, Chairman of Zamil Marine, expressed optimism regarding PIF’s role as both an investor and strategic partner. He also views this collaboration as a catalyst for propelling Zamil Marine into a new phase of growth and success. Additionally, this forward-looking vision encapsulates the optimism and ambition driving both entities towards mutual prosperity and advancement.

In essence, PIF’s investment in Zamil Marine Services signifies more than just a financial transaction. It symbolizes a strategic partnership aimed at driving growth, innovation, and sustainability within the maritime industry in Saudi Arabia.

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