OIC: Saudi Arabia Ready to Host FIFA World Cup 2034

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, expressed the Kingdom’s desire to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034. This news was met with full support from the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Saudi Arabia: A Host with All the Resources

The Secretary-General of the organization, Hussein Ibrahim Taha, commended the essence of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s statement, emphasizing that Saudi Arabia possesses all the human, logistical, and infrastructural resources required to deliver an extraordinary and unprecedented edition of the World Cup.

He further added that Saudi Arabia is not just a land of love, peace, and harmony but also intends to utilize football, the world’s most popular sport, as a platform to spread messages of love and peace to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds worldwide. He pointed out that this endeavor aligns with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, which has seen the Kingdom successfully host numerous global events and sports activities.

Taha concluded his statement by calling on member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to support Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup as part of a collaborative effort to strengthen the common Islamic work, which ultimately benefits the youth of the Islamic world and promotes a culture of love and peace.

FIFA World Cup 2034: A Comprehensive Plan

This announcement followed the Saudi Arabian Football Federation’s declaration of its intention to bid for the World Cup in 2034. The federation aims to harness all available resources and efforts to provide a remarkable and unprecedented experience for football enthusiasts.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman emphasized that the desire to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup reflects Saudi Arabia’s status as an international hub for hosting major global events. He added that it reaffirms Saudi Arabia’s commitment to promoting messages of peace and love around the world.

As Saudi Arabia gears up to present its bid for the 2034 World Cup, the world watches with anticipation, knowing that the Kingdom has the capabilities and aspirations to deliver an exceptional tournament that will bring nations together in the spirit of football, unity, and goodwill.

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