New Study: “Aspirins” Can Effectively Work to Decrease the Symptoms of Corona

A scientific study revealed that taking aspirin might decreases the probabilities of getting infected by the virus corona.

In the newspaper “Daily Mail,” the study showed that taking a large pill daily in the evening is the way of protection from being infected and decreasing the probability of entering the ICU by 40%, which represents a high percentage.

The medical team at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Medicine expressed optimism about the study and the effectiveness of this easy drug.

The supervisor of this research, who is working as an assistant doctor in anesthesiology at the university as well, Dr. Jonathan Chau, has said: this is a critical discoveration. He added: “Our findings will make the aspirin the first drug widely available without a prescription to reduce mortality among patients with Covid 19.”

The medical team conducted the study by following up with 412 patients in Maryland Hospital, cardiovascular disease, and other three hospitals. It showed that daily aspirin use reduced the risk of entering the care unit by 43%, reduced the risk of exposure to aspirin by 44%, and decreased the risk of death in Hospital by 47% compared to those with aspirin.

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