The Saudi Minister of Tourism: Announcing About 5 New Projects for the Near Future

The Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khatib, revealed five tourism projects in the Kingdom supported by the Tourism Investment Fund that will be announced soon.

During the announcement of the strategy for developing human capital in the tourism sector, Al-Khatib stressed that the ministry aims to raise the percentage of tourists to the Kingdom to 100 million tourists annually by 2030 after it was in 2019 about 40 million tourists.

He pointed out that this step would move the Kingdom’s ranking from its current position to a higher ranking. It would arrange from 21 globally to the fifth based on the number of tourists. The minister insisted that there is no excuse for the Kingdom to reach this percentage in light of the natural possibilities. All these come to support the general welfare of the country.
He pointed out that 40% of the total global tourists go to historical places. The Kingdom has 100 historical sites discovered, five of which are registered with UNESCO, and the marine coasts, which are distinguished globally, and are essential to attract tourists.

Also, he indicated that by 2030 there will be an additional 500 thousand hotel rooms will be built. These projects will be established with the support of the government and the private sector. They need human elements to work in and manage them, as well as the expansion of aviation and ground transportation and development at airports, estimating the total number of workers in the tourism sector would be 1.6 million, compared to the current number, 600,000 workers, the majority of whom are foreigners.

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