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Money Laundering Cases by Social Media Influencers

A number of members of the Shura Council warned of the transgressions of some famous people on social media by providing unethical content and turning those platforms into arenas for disputes and defamation.

The members referred to similar cases that occurred in some neighboring countries, in which investigations showed the involvement of celebrities in money laundering operations, and the appearance of suspicious and obscene wealth on them.

The members called for setting up a governing framework to control the activities of social media celebrities, and setting up an advertisement system that prevents the exchange of funds in a misleading manner, prevents information crimes, and eliminates the risk of advertising chaos.

Members explained, according to “Riyadh”, that some celebrities of communication are making advertisements and propaganda bearing methods of deception and misleading that affected consumers, calling for activating the e-commerce system that includes a system of provisions that provide the necessary protection for transactions.

The members stressed the need to strengthen the laws regarding advertisement through social media, and to accelerate the development of other applicable regulations related to the activities and practices of social media celebrities, such as the publications and publishing system, the executive regulations, electronic publishing activity to control the content of social media, and tighten control.

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