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The Islamic Opinion About Videoing The Good Deads

A member of the faculty in Al-Qassim University, Dr. Khaled Al-Musleh, in response to a question about using the camera during Hajj, Umrah, or charity. He said that the principle is to conceal good deeds and good deeds that do not need to be shown to everyone. So, the lest there be in our hearts a lack of sincerity.

Dr. Khaled Al-Musleh

He clarified during his hosting of the program “Yastaftounak” on the channel of Al-Risala, that showing good deeds is for the general benefit or the nature of work like Praying, Hajj, or Umrah has to be shown. These deeds can only be done by showing it to others, so there is nothing wrong with showing it and that does not detract from a person’s reward.

He added that there are hidden deeds that people may not see, so this is the principle of secrecy, and a person should not reveal it because that would be a reason to challenge his intention, indicating that if the interest requires showing the hidden work in order to encourage people to do good deeds or revive a good year, then there is nothing wrong with showing the work.

He added that most of those who photograph during Hajj, Umrah, and others do not do so in order to urge people to do good work, but rather they may do this in order to document in the diary.

He showed that concealing the good deeds between the servant and his Lord is closer to acceptance and greater in the heart, citing God Almighty saying: “We feed you for the sake of God, and we do not want reward or gratitude from you.”

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