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Microsoft, Stc Expand Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Microsoft, Stc Expand Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation
The companies will unite to accelerate digitalization across Saudi Arabia.

Microsoft and Stc Group have recently expanded their strategic partnership to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and drive innovation across Saudi Arabia. This collaboration is poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions designed to transform and empower organizations across a myriad of industries, while also nurturing the growth of small businesses in the digital realm​.

As an “engine of digital transformation,” Stc Group, with majority ownership by the Public Investment Fund, joins forces with global tech behemoth Microsoft, signaling a significant stride towards advancing digitalization not only within the confines of the organization but also across the broader Saudi Arabian business landscape. The partnership envisions the joint development and deployment of avant-garde solutions, enabling small businesses to flourish and larger organizations to harness the full potential of digital advancements.

This strategic alliance is more than just a technological endeavor; it’s a vision of propelling Saudi Arabia to the vanguard of global innovation. The collaboration aims to bring the latest technologies to Saudi Arabia, helping businesses of all sizes embrace digital transformation, advance economic diversification, and, by extension, foster a more vibrant and prosperous future for the country.

Stc Group CEO Olayan Alwetaid emphasized that the partnership with Microsoft marks a “defining moment in the history of digital transformation” for both Stc Group and Saudi Arabia, setting the stage for a digital era where Saudi Arabia could potentially emerge as a global leader in innovation​.

Furthermore, this alliance will open new avenues for Stc’s subsidiaries to explore new markets, develop disruptive business models, and introduce innovative products and services to the market. By jointly developing and deploying the latest advanced technologies, Microsoft and Stc Group aim to provide high-quality, safe, and secure digital experiences for businesses across the Kingdom. The partnership also has broader implications, as it is set to serve as an “innovation powerhouse,” extending the transformational impact of digital technologies from Saudi Arabia to the world, as per the statement by President Microsoft EMEA Ralph Haupter​.

Moreover, a particular facet of this collaboration extends to Stc Bahrain, where the partnership will address enterprise needs for digital transformation and modernization of workspaces through cloud-based solutions, further showcasing the extensive scope and potential of the Microsoft Stc partnership in fostering a robust digital ecosystem across the region​.

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