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Meet Sama Jad, the first Saudi female “Top Chef”

Meet Sama Jad, the first Saudi female “Top Chef”

Who is Chef Sama Gad?

Sama Gad is the first Saudi woman to win a major culinary award by being crowned Top Chef in the Arab world for the first time since the beginning of the program, and the first woman to win this title.

Chef Sama Gad was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1993 to Saudi parents, her religion is Islam and she holds Saudi citizenship, she is married and has two children, Gad and Bakr, and she is 29 years old.

Sama Jad also has an account on the social networking site Instagram

She is followed by 134,000 on Instagram, where she posts pictures of the foods she makes, especially healthy cooking, as well as videos of her with her two children.

Sama Gad’s husband.

 It was evident in the episodes of the Top Chef show how much Zain Bakour (Her Husband) loves and admires the skill of his wife, Sama Gad.

   Sama is considered one of the Saudi girls associated with the Kingdom, who has been interested in her traditional recipes.

More Details on Chef Sama Gad.

Chef Sama Gad is considered the best chef in Saudi Arabia for her wonderful experience.

She is also an exceptional figure in the field of cooking in the Kingdom, as she cooks the most delicious and delicious foods.

Sama’s relations with Food

Sama Gad is a skilled and successful chef with ambitions for new culinary innovations

She is an ideal mother in her good management of life and family matters and her great interest in children and her keenness to make them happy. She is skilled in the art of cooking in different forms and types.

Top Chef Sama Gad said that what distinguishes her in cooking is serving food with love and sincerity,

She said that the most important thing that helped her in the art of cooking was her husband and children, who played a major role in her life.

She added that the most important thing in her success is her belief in herself and her husband and children who helped her.

In 2020, Saudi Chef Sama Gad was crowned with the title of the fourth season of the program in the Arab world.

 With this big win, Chef Sama Gad expressed her great happiness in achieving this big win in the culinary field.

Sama Gad Represents Saudi Vision 2030

Over the past years, far and near, notes the enlightening and super positive role played by the wise leadership of Saudi Arabia is represented by King Salman and the Crown Prince, who has “Vision 2030” for the future of the Kingdom.

This role accelerates the way to restore the flashes of civilization that existed in that geographical spot of the earth hundreds of years ago.

Within this vision comes a clear escalating interest in Saudi women and their borders at once, and their ambition to receive, empower and support them to resume their positive and pivotal role at all levels of life.

The wise Saudi political leadership did not hesitate to advance the Saudi woman with all the decisions and laws that push her to assume her role as an undiminished citizen, to enhance her rights.

The leadership also works to ensure its participation in the work and to benefit from its capabilities, experiences, and higher education, which is obtained as a peer of its peers in the world.

Why talk now about the Saudi feminist renaissance march again?

Certainly, the appearance of the first batch of female members of the security force of the Prophet’s Mosque was the reason behind opening this file again.

It can be concluded that there are three main pillars or axes upon which the Saudi future will be based over the coming decades, and in all of them, women will remain the partner and support, complementing the men’s road.

The first axis: is based on a dynamic, non-static society, and this requires keeping pace without neglecting the true religion, or the constants of the nation.

The second axis: is sustainable, continuous, and stable development, and forearms that work hard during the night and at the ends of the day, especially as the world is on the verge of a post-globalization era.

The third axis: is the high ambitions of young leadership that call for the concerted efforts of all the sons of the country and both sexes.

The doors have been completely opened for Saudi women to enter all fields of work in the Kingdom, as well as to hold various leadership and administrative positions, foremost of which is the diplomatic corps.

Perhaps it was a fateful coincidence that the Kingdom appointed its third ambassador abroad, Ambassador Enas Al-Shahwani, the Kingdom’s ambassador to the State of Sweden, at the same time as the appearance of Saudi women in military uniform at the Grand Mosque,

 The aforementioned steps were preceded in 2020 by the appointment of Mrs. Amal Al-Mouallimi as ambassador to Norway and before them Princess Rima bint Bandar as the Kingdom’s first female ambassador to the United States.

Moreover, the Kingdom’s government has given great attention to women’s entrepreneurship, by increasing facilities, and sponsoring and developing micro-enterprise sectors.

In this context, the experience of Saudi women in the Saudi investment reality stands out remarkably, as women’s contribution to the emerging companies has gained an estimated space, after possessing the skills and mechanisms necessary for progress and success.

In the last years of the last decade, the Saudi Shura Council did not hesitate to amend and replace the systems required to protect women and open the horizon for the economy in front of them, so that they become an added value and not a deduction from future opportunities.

“Vision 2030” has opened wide and luminous paths for Saudi women to complete the path of feminist civilization in the land of the Arabian Peninsula through generations.

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