Meet Hanouf Al-Baqmi, the first female mayor in Saudi’s city of Taif

Taha Sakr

 Secretary of the Saudi city of Taif, Mohammed Al-Hamil, inaugurated on Tuesday headquarters of the women’s sub-municipality in the city and assigned the Saudi female engineer Hanouf Al-Baqmi to serve as its president.

According to the Saudi newspaper of ‘Okaz’, Al-Baqmi stressed that the female municipality, which she leads its tasks, is no different from the municipality of men in services, and afford full service for the city’s women.

She added that her powers as director of the women’s branch are identical to those of the directors of men’s branches, noting that this policy is currently adopted according to Saudi 2030 Vision that aims to achieve full empowerment to women.

Al-Baqmi pointed out that men and women are equal and there is no difference in the type or level of services provided to them, according to the newspaper “Okaz”.

Hanouf Al-Baqmi is not the first woman to become a city official in Saudi Arabia, as she was preceded by several other Saudi women in different regions, the Saudi 2030 Vision aims to afford full support women’s rights in society.

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