Massar is making a qualitative leap in long-term investment

In addition to the rapid population expansion, Mecca attracts increasing numbers of pilgrims throughout the year that demand to address the growing necessities to satisfy these people.

Massar destination is one of the most prominent projects for the development of people and places, as it aims to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Mecca and improve the services provided to pilgrims.

Massar has created systemic solutions, by developing and investing, to make Mecca a leading example in several areas of development, in keeping with the Kingdom’s 2030 goal.

To promote this trend the destination “Massar’s” has built an integrated investment system that in Mecca is regarded as the first to attract institutional investment across different industries with different investment channels.

The location of the objective in the fixed core of the city is an appealing element for institutions to invest within an integrated investment system that comprises a wide variety of component channels that may lead to sustained long-term profits.

The investment in the destination is an exception in the world of long-term investment, according to criteria that contribute to the introduction of new residency concepts that meet the needs of the next generation of pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims.

 The investment opportunities will provide 38,000 hotel units, 13,000 housing units, in addition to some commercial centers, health care facilities, and public service centers

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