Ma’aden Discovers New Breakthrough in Gold Mining

Mansourah-Massarah Gold Project: Central Focus

The Saudi Arabian Mining Company, commonly known as Ma’aden, has made a remarkable discovery in the realm of gold mining.

This significant find, located along a 100km strike from the existing Mansourah Massarah gold mine, is the result of Ma’aden’s ambitious exploration program initiated in 2022. This exploration aimed at expanding the company’s production pipeline, and the recent discovery marks a major milestone in this endeavor​​.

Mansourah-Massarah Gold Project: Central Focus

The Mansourah-Massarah Gold Project, developed by Ma’aden Gold and Base Metals Company, a subsidiary of Ma’aden, represents a major investment in the Central Arabian Gold Region.

This project involves the development of two open-pit mines and a state-of-the-art gold processing plant.

Estimated investment of $880 million, the project is set to become Ma’aden’s largest gold venture to date. The project’s anticipated production capacity is 250,000 ounces of gold annually over a 12-year mine life​​​​.

 Impact, Future Prospects

The discovery at Mansourah Massarah is not just a triumph for Ma’aden but holds significant implications for the Saudi economy. It’s a step towards the realization of Vision 2030, aimed at diversifying the economy and reducing dependence on oil.

The discovery also cements Saudi Arabia’s position in the global gold market.

The Mansourah-Massarah site, upon reaching its full production capacity by 2023 will contribute a quarter of Ma’aden’s target of producing 1 million ounces of gold per year by 2025.

This increase in production capacity underscores Ma’aden’s role in enhancing the contribution of the mining industry to the Saudi economy.

Furthermore, it aligns with the country’s efforts to attract foreign investment and develop non-oil sectors​​​​.

Strategic Operations, Environmental Consideration

Ma’aden has contracted Jac Rijk Al-Rushaid Contracting & Services Co to provide operational mining services at the Mansourah & Massarah gold mines. The contract, valued at $880 million, involves a range of services including drilling, scaling, loading, hauling, and ore control.

This partnership is a strategic move by Ma’aden to ensure efficient and effective mining operations.

Additionally, the Mansourah-Massarah project sets a precedent in the region by incorporating solar energy.

This move towards sustainable energy sources highlights Ma’aden’s commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in the mining sector​​.

Ma’aden’s recent discovery significantly advances mining, promising major economic benefits and strengthening its global gold market leadership. Consequently, this achievement benefits Ma’aden and, furthermore, supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals.

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