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KSrelief Sends 37th Saudi Relief Plane to Gaza

KSrelief Sends 37th Saudi relief plane to Gaza

The 37th Saudi relief plane arrived today at El-Arish International Airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt, reported Saudi Press Agency. This plane, operated by the King Salman Center for Relief, carried food, medical supplies, and shelter materials with a total weight of 23 tons.

This assistance is part of the historical role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in standing with the Palestinian people in various crises and hardships they go through.

On January 3, the 36th Saudi relief aircraft to Gaza left King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, headed to Al-Arish International Airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt, reported Saudi Press Agency.

The aircraft was carrying 24 tons of food, medical, and shelter materials on board.

First Relief Mission, Ongoing Support

The relief campaign began in November 2023 when the first Saudi relief plane departed from Riyadh to Egypt. It was carrying 35 tons of various relief items.

This initiative, directed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, underscores the depth of the Saudi-Palestinian relationship.

The gesture also reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to humanitarian aid globally​​.

Mobilizing resources


Moreover, the Saudi Aid Campaign to Gaza mobilized resources from all corners of the country, involving government entities, private sector companies, and individual donors. The campaign’s strategy was to reach a broad audience, encouraging contributions from all societal segments. This inclusive approach played a pivotal role in achieving the substantial aid amount.

Saudi Sea Bridge

Besides Saudi air bridge, KSA has been extending a sea bridge made up of four ships carrying desperately-needed aid to Gaza.

Furthermore, On December 16, KSrelief sent the fourth Saudi relief ship to Gaza from Jeddah Islamic Port. It is part of the Saudi sea bridge to provide relief to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The ship headed to Port Said Port in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In order to meet the needs of the hospitals in Gaza, the ship carried 250 large containers on board.  225 of which were containers of medical materials and supplies. The other 25 containers contained food and shelter materials for the affected Palestinian people inside the Gaza Strip.

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