KSMC: It Is Recommended to Exercise During These Times of Slow Activities

King Saud Medical City is sharing a set of different recommendations through its social media accounts. The city cares about all health matters and raising the awareness of people in Saudi Arabia.

During this time of slow activities due to the pandemic, the city is recommending people to stay fit by practicing exercises at home. It is the perfect way to boost the immunity of the body and increase the energy level.

The physiotherapist, Ameera AlRoshoud, shows the dangers of staying home with a low level of activities. She explained that there is a recent study showing a correlation between low activities and 40 kinds of different illnesses starting from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and more.

She added, “the triangle of health consists of three main components which are: level of body activity, wellness of sleep, and quality of nutrition.” So, practicing different kinds of exercises will rais the general health of the individual.

There are many ways to exercise at home, and they might be as following:

  • Running around the house in the backyard.
  • Jumping robe with the family members.
  • Subscribing in with online coaches.
  • Lifting 1-5 kg weights.
  • Playing in interactive video games.
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