KSAA launches the training teachers of Arabic for non-native speakers


King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSAA) announced the launch of the second phase of the project to train teachers of the Arabic language for non-native speakers to develop their skills.


The training will also enable them to teach it according to scientific foundations and to serve the Arabic language globally.


The complex offers courses offered by a group of distinguished experts in teaching the Arabic language.


KSAA cooperation with other universities and institutions


KSAA will implement the course in cooperation with some universities, institutes, and specialized institutions.


Saudi Arabia launched the first course of the second phase in the Kazakh capital, Almaty.


It was entitled “Training Teachers of Arabic Language for Speakers of Other Languages.”


This course comes in cooperation with the Kazakh Ablay Khan University for International Languages and International Relations.

More information about the training course

The training course lasts four days (from February 20 to 23, 2023), with an average of 6 hours per day.


The courses include 18 courses inside the Kingdom and 39 external training courses.


The project targets Arabic language teachers for non-native speakers.


it also targets workers in public and private universities, institutes, and centers for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.


The second phase is an extension of the success of the first phase, during which KSAA held 5 training courses KSA.


The number of beneficiaries reached 96, while 30 external courses were held in 26 countries, benefiting 809 beneficiaries.


The project for training teachers aims to support the vision of (KSAA) in achieving global leadership of the Arabic language.


It aims to develop the skills of teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers around the world.


It develops the practical skills of teachers of Arabic as a second language in using appropriate techniques to teach it.


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