KSA to ban 9 items from shipping via Saudi Post

Saudi Post revealed the types of items prohibited from shipping.

It stressed the need to ascertain the status of the shipment before dispatch; To avoid delaying the shipment or returning it to the source.

Prohibited items from being shipped via Saudi Post

The post clarified that there are 9 types of prohibited items to be shipped, which are as follows:

1- Toxic and infectious substances, such as “pesticides, agricultural chemicals, mercury compounds, bacteria, and viruses.”

2- Flammable liquids, like “lighters burning with gasoline, lighter fuel, oil paint, glue, and flammable perfumes.”

3- Incendiary liquid materials, such as “liquid batteries, mercury, and hydrochloric acid.”

4- Flammable and radioactive materials, for example, “drill sticks, charcoal, firewood, and all kinds of internationally prohibited radioactive materials.”

5- Compressed gases, such as “gas cylinders, filling cylinders, lighter, diving bottles, camping gas, butane gas, and spray bottles.”

6- Explosives, for instance, “games, firecrackers, ammunition, gunpowder, lighting missiles, and warning missiles.”

7- Oxidizing materials, like “oxidizing chemicals, peroxides, and bleaching powders.”

8- Other materials, such as “baby milk, antiquities, and historical artifacts, nationally manufactured and unregistered human medicines, or re-exported medicines (subsidized goods).”

9- Various dangerous goods, such as “magnetic goods, motors, solid carbon dioxide, and lithium batteries.”

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