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KSA starts public transport buses trial operation in Mecca

Saudi launches Mecca Bus Project
Saudi launches Mecca Bus Project

Mecca Region Development Authority, in cooperation with the Municipality of the Holy City, has started the trial run of the public transport project buses on Route 7.

This route starts from the Haramain Express train station in the Al-Rusaifa neighborhood and ends at the Jabal Omar station near the courtyards of the Grand Mosque.

The trial run aims to conduct tests and raise the efficiency of the operation of the bus network, and to calculate the times of bus arrivals and departures.

This bus represents models of the 240 regular buses, with a capacity of approximately 85 people.

A total of 160 articulated buses with a capacity of approximately 125 people were supplied, manufactured to the highest specifications by one of the world’s bus manufacturers.

Mecca Bus Project looks forward to providing the best and most efficient means of public transportation, through many lanes that cover the main and secondary streets and the streets between neighborhoods.

Mecca Bus Project impact on environment

It will also play an important role in reducing the volume of car traffic in the streets and roads of Mecca, and thus reducing the volume of environmental pollution and energy consumption,

The project will give the city of Mecca a safe and reliable global transportation system to serve the residents and guests of the Holy House of God.

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