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KSA: Ministry of Commerce determines malls capacity

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce revealed the capacity of malls, centres, shops, and markets in a mechanism to prevent customers from gathering at their entrances, in conjunction with the Eid Al-Fitr holiday 2021.

In a statement, the Ministry of Commerce clarified that the capacity of malls and commercial complexes is one person for every 12m², pointing out that chapels, parking lots, and areas of suspended activities do not fall within this distance.

It also indicated that the capacity of the shops inside malls and commercial complexes is one customer for every nine m² of the store area. Street shops must limit their capacity too (one person for every nine m²). The decision does not affect ​​prayer halls or toilets.

Public benefit markets

As for the public goods and foodstuff markets, the Ministry pointed out that its absorptive capacity will be in a way that ensures achieving 1.5-meter spacing between persons.

It stressed the need to control social distancing without allocating space for everyone, provided that descriptive floor stickers are placed in all areas available to clients.

Anti-buildup mechanism

The Ministry of Commerce also revealed a mechanism to prevent the gathering of customers at the entrances and exits of commercial centres and malls, pointing out that a sufficient number of security guards have been allocated to avoid crowds and provide winding paths for waiting.

The plan also includes allowing pre-paid movie ticket holders to enter and go directly to the designated halls. Signboards will indicate the capacity at the entrances, while the Tawakolna app will be available to manage gatherings and provide barcode stickers.

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