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KSA Faces Misinformation Campaigns on Palestinian Cause

KSA Faces Misinformation Campaigns on the Palestinian Cause

Driven by its moral and humanitarian obligations, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host an international forum. This forum aims to confront the misinformation campaigns on the Palestinian cause.

Jeddah is set to host the international forum “Media and Its Role in Inciting Hatred and Violence: The Dangers of Misinformation and Bias” next Sunday.

Challenges of Media Bias and Misinformation

The forum arises amidst the dark shadows of frivolous crimes against religious symbols, cloaked in the guise of free speech. It will tackle various topics mainly “Bias and Misinformation in International Media: The Palestinian Issue”.

The aim is to identify flaws in media handling of international, especially religious, issues. It further aims to assess the negative impact of biased and inciteful media narratives on global societies, like the misinformation campaigns on the Palestinian cause.

Goals of the Forum

The forum’s objective is to also formulate a joint international alliance against the dangers of misinformation, bias, and the spread of hatred in media discourse.

Participants will include major Islamic and international news agencies, leading religious, intellectual, legal, and human rights figures, and heads of international organizations.


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