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KSA, Egypt Discuss Developing Tourism Programs

KSA, Egypt Discuss Developing Tourism programs
Ghada Shalaby Egyptian Deputy Minister of Tourism

Ghada Shalaby, Egyptian Deputy Minister of Tourism, said in exclusive statements to Al Arabiya Business that the development of integrated tourism programs between Egypt and Saudi Arabia is being discussed.

“The number of tourists in Egypt reached 13 million tourists within 10 months, while the target is to reach 15 million tourists by the end of 2023,” added the deputy minister.

She further pointed out that the cancellations that occurred at the beginning of the Gaza war began to decline. The Egyptian destination is safe now.

Therefore, the strategy was helpful in advancing the discussion on the  tourism programs.

Tourism in KSA

In an ambitious move to boost tourism, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment has penned a crucial memorandum of understanding (MoU).

This MoU is with the Tanmia Development Company. The goal is to create an unparalleled tourist resort in Riyadh.

With a staggering investment exceeding 400 million Saudi riyals, the project promises to be a game-changer for the region’s hospitality industry.

Strategic Partnership for Tourism

The partnership between the Ministry and Tanmia Development Company underscores a strategic vision.

It aims to diversify the Kingdom’s economy.

Tourism is a sector with significant growth potential. The envisioned resort is not just a luxury getaway but a statement of intent.

As a result, Saudi Arabia is ready to claim its place on the global tourism map.

Nexus of Culture and Modernity

The capital city of Riyadh is a fitting location for such a grand development. The city blends cultural heritage with modern infrastructure.

This makes it an attractive destination for travelers seeking an authentic yet contemporary experience.

The planned resort will add to Riyadh’s allure, inviting tourists to indulge in world-class amenities.

Unveiling the Resort’s Unique Features

While details of the resort’s offerings are still under wraps, expectations are high.

The MoU suggests that this will be no ordinary resort. It will feature innovative design and facilities.

The facilities would resonate with both domestic and international tourists.

Investors and future guests alike are eager to see the unique experiences the resort will deliver.

Economic and Social Impact

The resort is more than a luxurious destination; it’s an economic catalyst. With its hefty price tag, it is set to create jobs and stimulate local businesses.

This aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals. The initiative aims to reduce the kingdom’s oil dependence by diversifying its economy.

Tourism development is a key pillar of this vision.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

In line with global trends, the partners have emphasized sustainability in the resort’s development and operation.

This commitment is crucial. It ensures that the project does not only boost the economy but also respects and preserves the environment.

This dual focus is likely to set a benchmark for future projects in the region.

Next Steps in the Development Process

With the MoU signed, the next steps involve detailed planning and securing further approvals.

Stakeholders will be watching closely as the project moves from concept to construction.

The resort’s development is expected to progress swiftly, given the high priority of tourism in Saudi Arabia’s economic plans.

New Chapter for Riyadh’s Tourism

The signing of the MoU marks the beginning of a new chapter for Riyadh and Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector.

The 400 million SAR investment is a testament to the Kingdom’s ambition and commitment to its Vision 2030 objectives.

As the Ministry of Investment and the Tanmia Development Company embark on this journey, the world waits in anticipation. This unique resort is set to redefine luxury tourism in the heart of Saudi Arabia.


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