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The Sun Confirms Houthi-Seized Ship is Israeli

The Sun Confirms Houthi-Seized Ship is Israeli

While Tel Aviv claims that the Houthi-Seized Ship is not Israeli, the British newspaper The Sun confirmed that it is owned by Israeli businessman Abraham (Rami) Ungar.

Who is Abraham (Rami) Ungar?

Ungar is an Israeli businessman of $ 2 billion net worth. His business focuses on international shipping and importing motor vehicles.

On a political level, Ungar had strong ties with right-wing politicians.


In a dramatic turn of events, Houthi forces have seized an Israeli ship navigating through the Red Sea. This bold move by the Iran-aligned Houthi group signifies a significant escalation in the already volatile region.

The Houthi-Seized Ship, reportedly engaged in commercial activities, found itself in the crosshairs of a complex geopolitical conflict.

Houthi rebels, known for their resistance against the Yemeni government, have extended their reach beyond Yemen’s borders.

Seizing the Israeli ship serves as a stark message, demonstrating their naval capabilities and willingness to challenge international maritime norms.

This incident reflects the Houthis’ desire to assert their influence in the Red Sea, a critical route for global shipping and trade.

International Response: Condemnation and Concern

The international community, led by the United Nations and major maritime nations, has condemned the Houthi seizure of the Israeli ship.

Concerns are mounting over the safety of the crew and the potential for further escalation between Israel and Houthi forces.

This event does not only jeopardize maritime security but also adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict.

On the other hand, Israel announced “Yemen’s Houthis had seized a British-owned and Japanese-operated cargo ship in the Red Sea, describing the incident as an “Iranian act of terrorism”.

Further, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office stated “a ship -which it did not name- had been seized” , stressing that Israel was not involved in its ownership, operation or the make-up of its international crew.”

Navigating Troubled Waters

Earlier, the Houthi leader threatened that his forces would make further attacks on Israel and “could target Israeli ships in Red Sea”.

Moreover, the Houthi seizure of an Israeli ship, marks a critical juncture in the regional power dynamics.

It underscores the need for enhanced maritime security and international cooperation to safeguard crucial shipping lanes.

As the situation evolves, all eyes are on the stakeholders to navigate these troubled waters, seeking a resolution that maintains regional stability and prevents further escalation.

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