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US , UK condemn Houthi militia’s provocations in Yemeni governorates

France, UK, and US condemned, on Sunday, the escalation of the Houthi militia on the battle fronts, and considered it “provocative actions” to impede all peace efforts.


escalated its crimes and military actions on the battlefronts in Shabwa, Taiz, and Marib, as part of military pressure to achieve political gains and thwart the mission of the UN envoy to renew an expanded truce.


The British Ambassador to Yemen, Richard Oppenheim, said in a post on his Twitter account that his country condemns the “recent Houthi militia attacks in Taiz, Ma’rib, and Shabwa, and expresses its condolences to the families of the victims.”


Oppenheim described the escalation of the Houthi militia as “provocative actions,” saying, “The Houthis must stop their provocative actions and show a real commitment to peace in Yemen.”


France condemned the Houthi militia attack on the government convoy in Taiz Governorate, which resulted in a number of deaths and injuries.


The French embassy said the militia attack “once again shows the violent nature of the Houthis, which impedes all peace efforts.”


“The Houthi militia must renounce violence and negotiate with the internationally recognized government under the auspices of the United Nations, which is the only way to bring peace to Yemen.” It added.


In this context, the US embassy in Yemen called on the Houthi militia to stop exacerbating the suffering of Yemenis and support a peaceful solution.


The US embassy in Yemen said, “We condemn the recent Houthi escalation in Taiz and Ma’rib, which led to deaths, and we express our condolences to the families of the victims.


The Houthis must stop exacerbating the suffering of Yemenis and support a peaceful solution to the conflict.”


The Presidential Leadership Council had said that the war escalation of the militias in the governorates of Marib and Shabwa, and the failed terrorist attacks in the governorate of Taiz, “reflect the miserable situation that this terrorist organization has reached in its hostile approach to peace endeavors, and its evasion from the fair entitlements of millions of citizens who demand freedom and equal citizenship, And the chances of a decent life in the areas under its control by brute force.


During its meeting today, the Presidential Council affirmed that it will “take all necessary measures to protect public interests, deter terrorist organizations, move forward on the path of comprehensive reforms, and support the legitimate aspirations of citizens in areas under the force of militias backed by the Iranian regime.”


The Presidential Leadership Council called on the international community to realize the seriousness of this terrorist escalation, with the continued smuggling of more Iranian weapons to the militias, and its devastating repercussions on international peace and security.


Recently, the governorates of Shabwa, Taiz, and Marib were subjected to massive Houthi attacks, as the Houthis targeted access to the two governorates, which are rich in oil and gas, in an effort to finance the death holocausts and their sectarian project.


The escalation of the Iranian-backed terrorist militias threatens to return to Yemen in an unprecedented way, amid observers’ warnings that these Houthi escalation steps threaten any UN and international endeavors or efforts to achieve any progress in the Yemeni file.

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