Kingdom’s Weather for Saturday

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set to experience bright and sunny weather. Temperatures will vary from a moderately hot 27°C to a comfortable 19°C.

Winds will blow at 10km/h from the east-southeast, with humidity around 50%. The precipitation probability is low at 4%, with no expected rainfall.

The UV index will be at 6. This pattern aligns with the average highest temperature for November in the region​​.

General Climate, Weather Patterns

Saudi Arabia’s vast landscape mostly consists of a desert-like plateau, leading to fairly stable weather conditions.

The climate varies between the coastal areas and the interior. Summers are typically hot and dry, while winters are milder with cooler nights and occasional rain.

Riyadh experiences fluctuating temperatures in winter, with warm days and cold nights, and extremely hot summers.

In contrast, coastal areas around the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf enjoy a warm, sultry climate throughout the year​​.

Regional Climate Differences

In January, the coldest month, weather conditions vary significantly across different regions.

For instance, Mada’in Saleh might see temperatures drop to 6°C at night with rain, while Jeddah could experience tropical thunderstorms and temperatures up to 30°C.

The central plateau, including Riyadh, receives an average annual rainfall of 111mm, whereas drier areas like Medina get around 41mm. Summers are intensely hot with average temperatures around 40°C and minimal rainfall​​.

Daylight,  Seasonal Variations

The amount of sunshine in Saudi Arabia does not vary significantly between seasons; most of the Kingdom receives 9 to 12 hours of sun daily.

However, this can range from as little as 7 hours to as much as 14 hours in extreme areas. Snowfall is rare but possible in the far north and high mountain regions​​.

Summer Climate,  Attire

Summers, lasting from May to August, see temperatures soaring around 30 to 45 degrees Celsius with little rainfall.

The key to coping with the heat while respecting local culture is wearing lightweight clothes in natural fibers and covering up appropriately.

Light abayas and headscarves are recommended for women, while open-toe shoes are acceptable for both genders​​.

Winter Weather,  Activities

Winter, peaking between December and January, brings average temperatures around 20°C, though it can drop near zero in some areas. Rainfall is more frequent, and there’s a possibility of snow in mountainous regions.

Layered clothing is advised to adjust to varying temperatures. Winters are ideal for outdoor activities like horse-riding, sandboarding, and visiting race tracks in Riyadh​​.

Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh                 35  c                20 c


Jeddah                 26 c                 22 c


Medina                37 c                  19 c


Makkah              39 c                 21 c


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