Kingdom’s Weather for Saturday

Northern Region: Pleasant, Clear

The weather in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will experience a mixture of sunny days, moderate temperatures, and occasional cloud cover. Each region presents a unique weather pattern, influenced by geographical and seasonal factors.

Northern Region: Pleasant, Clear

In the North, pleasant days are expected with clear sky dominating the scene. Daytime temperatures will hover around 22°C, providing comfortable weather for outdoor activities. Nighttime brings cooler air. The temperatures will drop to near 11°C.

Eastern Province: Sunshine with Mild Winds

The weather in the Eastern Province will witness predominantly sunny sky. Daytime temperatures will range from 21°C to 29°C, making it warm but not excessively hot.

Western Coast: Moderate Humidity

 Moderate humidity is expected along the Western Coast. Temperatures will range between 28°C and 33°C, creating a slightly warmer atmosphere.

The evening may bring welcoming breeze, offering respite from the daytime warmth.

Central Region: Warm Days Ahead

The Central Region, including areas like Riyadh, will experience warm days. Highs will be around 25°C, while nights will cool down to 13°C.

Southern Highlands: Cool, Possibly Rainy

The weather in the Southern Highlands will experience cooler weather, with a chance of rain. Daytime highs will be near 18°C, and nighttime lows around 11°C.

This region offers a refreshing change for those looking to escape from the heat.


Expected temperatures


City                       High               Low


Riyadh                25 c                 14c


Jeddah               24 c                17 c


Medina              20 c                 10 c


Makkah            25 c                   16 c


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