Kingdom Ascends Globally in Container Handling

Kingdom has ascended globally in Container Handling and  boosted its global standing in this maritime sector, jumping eight spots in the recent rankings.

This advancement underscores the nation’s relentless efforts towards bolstering its maritime sector.

 Supply Chains Conference

The Supply Chains Conference is working to bring together supply chain decision makers to discuss the targets to be achieved and reach.

In accordance with the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the Kingdom  will be a key center linking the three continents.

Strategic Platform

The conference is a strategic platform for sharing insights, ideas and experiences on best ways and latest practices to improve the performance and efficiency of supply chains and logistics services.

The conference seeks to contribute to the objectives of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Prime Minister.

Advancement in Rankings

As of 2023, Saudi Arabia has escalated eight positions in the global rankings concerning container handling, according to the “Lloyd’s List” rankings for the top 100 ports globally.

This remarkable leap was announced on July 25, 2023, moving Saudi Arabia from the 24th spot to the 16th on the global stage.

This shows the country’s increasing competence and efficiency in maritime logistics​.

Ministerial Acknowledgment

The Transport Minister, Engineer Saleh Al-Jasser, acknowledged this significant advancement, highlighting it as a testament to the country’s growing capacities in the maritime navigation index.

This achievement is a part of Saudi Arabia’s broader ambitions to enhance its logistical and infrastructural capabilities, fostering a conducive environment for trade and economic growth​.

Reflecting Efforts

This rise in global rankings is a mirror reflecting the relentless endeavors to bolster transportation infrastructure.

It showcases the successful outcome of meticulously planned and executed strategies aimed at enhancing the efficiency and capability of container handling operations.

Impact on Trade

Improved container handling directly resonates with expedited trade processes, portraying the Kingdom as a more attractive trade partner.

The global ascent in rankings is likely to foster stronger trade relations and attract international partnerships.

Growth of air freight

The first half saw a significant rise in air traffic, passenger rates and the growth of air freight  business.

To achieve aviation strategy targets to raise air cargo capacity to over 4.5 million tons per year.

Future Prospects

The remarkable leap heralds promising prospects for further advancement in global standings.

With the continued emphasis on modernizing transportation infrastructure under the guidance of transport minister.

The horizon looks bright for achieving new milestones in transportation excellence.

Saudi Arabia’s remarkable advancement in the global rankings of container handling is a promising indicator of its enduring commitment to fostering a robust maritime sector.

This progression not only reflects on the infrastructural advancements but also projects a positive image of the country’s progression and logistical capabilities on the global arena.


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