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King Salman Park Foundation begins construction works for the Royal Art Complex

King Salman Park Foundation begins construction works for the Royal Art Complex

The Royal Art Complex, which spans over 500,000 square meters, has begun construction, according to the King Salman Park Foundation.

It will provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience in the city of Riyadh’s cultural and artistic core.

Its designs are founded on Salmaniya architecture principles, which combine the spirit of originality with modernism.

Visitors will have a diverse cultural experience at the complex, which will include ancient and contemporary art.

The Royal Art Complex includes a museum that will be one of the most visible architectural landmarks in the complex, as well as the tallest, at 106 meters.

A library, artist workshops, an institute with three academies, and a 600-seat hall will be part of the complex, and artists will be able to demonstrate their talents in the “Al-Qubba” auditorium.

With a capacity of 2,300 seats, the National Theater will be one of the complex’s most prominent features, along with a medium-size theatre with 650 seats and three cinemas.

The late Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, who completed large worldwide projects in the United States, Asia, and Europe, designed the Royal Art Complex.

King Salman Park will offer citizens of Riyadh a diverse range of environmental, cultural, athletic, artistic, and recreational options.

The park covers more than 16 square kilometers at a central location in Riyadh, where it is accessible to the city’s main roads as well as the Riyadh railway and bus terminals.

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