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Kim Yeong is in a coma “and has passed most of his powers on to his sister

By Marwa Mahmoud

News reported  that North Korean dictator Kim Yong-un has fallen into a coma, and most of his powers have been passed on to his sister Kim Yo-Jong, who is three years younger than him.

That was according to Chang Song-min, a former aide to the late South Korean President Kim. Dae-young, who explained in an interview with local media that the North Korean authorities “are hiding the truth about the deterioration of their leader’s health,” so he concluded that he was in a coma, and summarized his conclusion with the words: “I consider him in a coma, but his life is not over,” he said.

The statements of the diplomat, “Chang Song-min”, come at a time of increasing speculation about the true health of Kim Yong-un, 36.

That is “due to his lack of public appearances this year” and that a complete succession structure has not been formed, so the power was passed on to his sister, as The vacuum cannot be preserved for long, explaining that the dictator’s sister “is in a prime position to assume some of her brother’s powers,” according to his belief.

As for the South Korean “Yonhap” news agency, according to intelligence agency as a source, it reported that the general activities of the Korean leader have increased since last July, when he appeared in public 13 times, or 39% of the total 33 public activities he carried out this year.

It also revealed that he delegated part of his authority to his younger sister and his close aides to supervise state affairs, and that intelligence agency reported that Korean leader sister “is now the first deputy director of the administration of the Central Committee of ruling Workers’ Party, and directs state affairs in general. Based on this mandate, “but this does not mean that he chose his successor.

Sister Kim Yoo-jung took over the bulk of the power delegated by her brother, so she was assigned to policies related to South Korea, the United States and other public issues, but she was not the only one, as the vice chairman of the State Affairs Committee, Pak Bong Jo, and the new prime minister took over. Kim Doc Hoon, Economic Sector Control Authority.

The Korean dictator disappeared from sight for three weeks between April and May, and rumors spread wild about his deteriorating health. However, he suddenly appeared in a factory in Suncheon, after unconfirmed news at the time that he had undergone heart surgery and had not been discharged from hospital properly recovering.

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