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For the first time … Saudi women ride bicycles in Abha

By Marwa Mahmoud

The contestant Ahlam Nasser Al-Zaid was won the Kingdom’s female cycling champion, which was held in the Mahalla in the city of Abha in the Asir region, for a distance of 13 km, with the participation of 10 competitors from all over the Kingdom.

That was under the supervision of the Saudi Cycling Federation, as the first championship of this kind in which Saudi women officially participate.

Al-Zaid crossed the race distance at 22:18 in a tournament that is the first for the individual race against the clock, in which women participate in Saudi Arabia. She said , I am so proud to be the first holder of the title in the history of sports in the Kingdom.

She has previously achieved first place among Saudi women in the open race held at Princess Noura University in Riyadh and third place in general, and also ranked second among Saudi women and fifth in general in the open race in Khobar.

Al-Zaid also won first place in the virtual cycling championship, and participated in the Iron Man race, which was held in Bahrain last year, with a distance of 90 km, which it traveled in less than 3 hours.

Contestant Alanoud Khamis Al-Majed won the second place with a time of 25:39:00 minutes, and Alaa Salem Al-Zahrani came third with a time of 26:57:00 minutes, and in the fourth place Noura Al-Sheikh came with a time of 27:04:00 minutes.

Awateef Al-Qunbitt participated as the largest participation in the tournament, and Batoul Ahmed was the youngest, as they expressed their pride in the first participation in the tournament after the participation of the Cycling time 2030 women’s team yesterday morning in the Kingdom’s Female Championship.

For her part, member of the Cycling time 2030 women’s team, Sherine Abu Al-Hassan, confirmed in an interview with, that there are 3 other female members of the Saudi Cycling Federation, numbering 3 participants, from various regions of Saudi Arabia, and the race witnessed the culmination of the largest participation, which is more than fifty years old.

She continued: The “Cycling Time” team its idea arose last March, and due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic crisis, the team’s activities and training were disrupted.

Abu Al-Hassan added that the team includes many girls and women between the ages of 18 to 65 years, and the team is supervised by a group of professional trainers, headed by a team coach, Al-Hilal Yusef Al-Qoud, who provided all the capabilities and facilities to support the team and encourage women to practice this sport.

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