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Trump reveals his plan to deal with the media, if he wins

By Marwa Mahmoud

During an exclusive interview with Fox News on Sunday, President Donald Trump defended his disagreements and divisive interactions with the media, in which he said “The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton: “I will resist.”

In the footage of the interview, Hilton asked the President if he plans to cut the “noise” if he is elected for a second term, adding, “If you are re-elected, you have nothing to prove. You’ve done it again. [Do] we expect to see a different approach than you?”

Trump replied: “First, I understand that 100%, but I were not treated fairly and must resist. If I had not resisted vigorously, I would not be sitting here now talking to you.” He added, “I would like to be calm, too.”

Trump spoke about his response to the Coronavirus epidemic and commended his strong approach to the country’s progress in developing a coronavirus vaccine.

“I wouldn’t do all these things,” he said, adding, “I can give you a four-page list … all the medical things that we did … even vaccinations.”

“We are close to getting a vaccine. Another person would have taken years to get it,” he asserted.

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