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Israel delegation barred from UN event in Saudi Arabia

The American Bloomberg website reported that the Saudi authorities refused to issue an entry visa to the special Israeli mission that includes citizens of the Circassian village of Kafr Kama.

The Israel mission received an invitation to participate in the special honoring ceremony of the UN after Kafr Kama entered the special list of tourist villages recommended to be visited by the United Nations.


The United Nations Tourism Organization sent an invitation to the villagers and representatives from 22 countries to attend the event in the Saudi city of Al-Ula.


However, the entry visa was not issued to the Israeli mission. This is despite a request by United Nations officials to demand that the Saudi authorities provide equal treatment to members of the organization.


After the mission did not receive entry visas since the beginning of the month, the Israeli mission began to fear. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the World Tourism Organization, insisting that the required visas must be issued for the Israeli mission.


According to the report, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Tourism Organization (UNWTO) sent a letter to the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, requesting facilities for issuing visas for the Israeli mission. The Saudi Ministry of Tourism and the organization chose not to respond to the contents of the report.


It is noteworthy that the Israeli Ministry of Tourism was informed last December that the Circassian village of Kafr Kama, located in northern Israel, was selected in the 2022 exclusive list of tourist villages, which it recommends visiting.


The prestigious competition, which was held for the second time in a row, aims to raise the profile of rural tourism. This is based on the desire to preserve the rural and touristic character of the towns, whose population reaches 15 thousand people.

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