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Saudi Arabia denounces Israeli officials’ demand to erase Palestinian “Hawara”.

Saudi Arabia denounces Israeli officials' demand to erase Palestinian "Hawara".

Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the extremist statements in which an Israeli occupation official called for the erasure of the Palestinian village of Hawara.


The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed the Kingdom’s total rejection of these Israeli racist and irresponsible statements, which reflect the extent of violence and extremism practiced by the occupying Israeli entity towards the Palestinian people.


In a statement by the ministry, Riyadh stressed its call on the international community to assume its responsibilities to deter these Israeli disgraceful practices, stop the escalation, and provide the necessary protection for civilians.


Jassim Al-Budaiwi, Secretary-General of the GCC, condemned these statements and stressed the need to confront Israeli hate speech and violence, noting the importance of promoting the values of tolerance and human coexistence as part of efforts to reduce escalation.


He stressed the firm stances of the GCC states towards the Palestinian cause, and the need to support all efforts to advance the peace process in the region and to put an end to illegal practices that threaten the two-state solution in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative and international legitimacy resolutions.


The Palestinian town of “Hawara”, is one of 56 villages and towns belonging to the city of Nablus, one of the largest governorates in the northern West Bank.


On February 26, 2023, the situation in the town deteriorated more than before, especially after Palestinian resistance fighters carried out a commando operation and killed two settlers in the middle of the main street of the town of “Hawara Street,” which connects the north and south of the West Bank.


After the operation, more than one Israeli settler, who had come from the settlements surrounding the town and settled on its land, gathered.


Especially from the settlements of “Yitzhar” and “Har Bracha”, and with the onset of the evening hours, they attacked the town and burned its property and the homes and vehicles of its citizens.


In a repeated scene, he reminded the Palestinians of the tragedies of the Nakba in 1948 and the massacres committed by the Zionist gangs against them at the time.


Extremist settlers, such as Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, called for the erasure of the town of Hawara.


This was also demanded by Davide Ben Zion, deputy head of the Settlements Council in the northern West Bank, and was supported by Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir.


Administratively, the town belongs to the Nablus Governorate, and according to the Oslo Accords of 1993, the lands of Hawara were classified between Area B, which is administratively and security controlled by the Palestinian Authority, and Area C, which is under Israeli military control.







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