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Saudi Foreign Ministry prepares to open an embassy for the Kingdom in Sudan

Saudi Arabia is preparing to open an embassy for the Kingdom in the State of Sudan, to discuss cooperation between the two countries in many fields.




Meek Aye Deng The Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Sudan, received the delegation of the Foreign Affairs Ministry in charge of starting the procedures for opening the Kingdom’s embassy in Juba.




The Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed the Ministry’s delegation, headed by Ali bin Hassan Jaafar, the non-resident ambassador to South Sudan.




He considered the opening of an embassy for Saudi Arabia in Juba an advanced step to develop tracks of cooperation between the two countries in all fields.




During the reception, issues of common interest were discussed, in addition to bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to support and enhance them.




The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Brotherly Republic of Sudan have distinguished historical relations. These relations are based on cooperation, the exchange of interests, and the stability and security of the two countries.




The directives of King Salman and his crown prince emphasize the consolidation and development of these relations in various fields.




The transitional period in Sudan was directed by King Salman, who provided a package of humanitarian aid, including petroleum derivatives, wheat, and medicines.




Saudi Arabia also announced its support for what the Sudanese people thought would happen in the future. Concerning the measures taken by the Transitional Military Council that are in the interest of the Sudanese people.




Saudi Arabia has made significant efforts that significantly contributed to reaching a signed partnership agreement between the Sudanese parties.




Saudi Arabia sought to support the government for the success of the transitional period and made efforts to permanently remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.




Saudi Arabia moved to pressure Sudan’s creditors to reach a broad agreement to reduce its $50 billion debt; to restore Sudan to its natural place among the countries of the world.




Saudi Arabia committed to providing $1.5 billion as a grant and part of the economic aid, which it had approved for Sudan in 2019.

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