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Iran: Talks with Saudi Arabia have reached a more serious stage

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday that his nation would not negotiate a new text of the nuclear accord with the US and Western countries.

He added that negotiations with Saudi Arabia in Iraq had “reached a more serious level.”

“If the West was serious about nuclear discussions, former US President Donald Trump would not have dared to criticize it,” Zadeh said at a news conference, adding that “Germany is one of the nations that has not met its nuclear deal promises.”

According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, he stated, “We affirmed that discussions will take place in Vienna, that the Iranian delegation would not negotiate a new document, and that the dialogue will take place within the scope of the nuclear deal.”

In terms of ties with Saudi Arabia, an Iranian Foreign Ministry official remarked that the discussion “may contribute to maintaining regional security and stability.”

“Discussions between Iran and Saudi Arabia are still behind closed doors, we are in constant touch with the Saudi side, and negotiations have progressed to a serious point,” he continued.

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